9 is the second studio album by Irish singer, songwriter and producer Damien Rice, released in 2006. The

album was released on 3 November in Ireland, 6 November in the United Kingdom and 14 November in the US. It was followed by the single "9 Crimes", which was released on 27 November 2006. The record was certified gold in the UK.

Background Edit

Damien Rice had originally intended to record only one album, O, but he ended up releasing 9 at the insistence of his record company. He later said in an interview: "Now I regret that, because I would take half the songs that are on 9 off. I just don't think it's good as a record as it could be".

"Elephant" was originally titled "The Blower's Daughter Part 2". "The Blower's Daughter" is a song on Rice's first album O.

Track listing Edit

0. 9 Crimes (Demo)

  1. 9 Crimes
  2. The Animals Were Gone
  3. Elephant
  4. Rootless Tree
  5. Dogs
  6. Coconut Skins
  7. Me, My Yoke + I
  8. Grey Room
  9. Accidental Babies
  10. Sleep Don't Weep
  11. The Rat Within the Grain

Personnel Edit

  • Daisy – drawing, painting
  • Shane Fitzsimons – bass, double bass
  • Lisa Hannigan – backing vocals
  • Vyvienne Long – cello
  • Cora Venus Lunny – viola, violin
  • Tom Osander – drums, glasses
  • Damien Rice – clarinet, Fender Rhodes, guitar, percussion, piano, production, singing bowls, vocals, wurlitzer
  • Joel Shearer – electric guitar

Critical reaction Edit

The album was released to mixed critical and fan reaction. NME gave the album 4/10, describing it as "IKEArock". Hot Press wrote "If Rice really was a nervous wounded-wing, there's no way he'd skirt as close to Nick Drake comparisons as he does on 'The Animals Are Gone'", and, in a reference to the 'noise' preceding the first track, "there's another noise that can be made out faintly but distinctly — the sound of the Grays,LaMontagnes, Johnsons and the Blunts of this world breaking their pencil tips on their jotters in sheer envy and frustration."

Both Mojo and Q gave the album 4/5. The Sunday Times made it their 'Album of the Week'. It was People's Critic Choice in November 2006.

Sales chart performance Edit

The album reached number 4 in the UK Albums Chart. In the US, it was on the Billboard 200 for 10 weeks, peaking on its debut at #22.